Eastern Baltimore County Over 40 Baseball League


The Eastern Baltimore County Over 40 Baseball League
is a proud member of
The Dundalk-Eastfield Recreation Council

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 American Legion Post 38
        Dundalk, MD 21222

The 2012 season will feature our newly constructed baseball field at American Legion Post 38 on Dundalk Ave. The League put out over $30,000 for a outfield fence, newly sodded infield, several truck loads of dirt-clay mix, fences to catch foul balls, painted wood foul lines and more. The Legion pitched in and built new player benches and 2 benches for spectators behind the backstop. Most of the work was done by Eugene Beres, a player on the Colt .45's and new league treasurer. He used his own work crew from his business and transformed a filed of weeds into fine looking ball park. Eugene also fronted a good portion of the funds for the construction. Thankyouuuu, Eugene Beres!!!!!!!

While our league will have exclusive rights for all Sundays from April through October the real purpose of the new field is for a newly resurrected American Legion Youth Team. They will begin playing games in May of 2012.
The North Point Inn will be the lone league sponsor for 2012. This is their 3rd year to help out sponsoring the league and serve as an after game watering hole. The Legion will have a Tiki Bar available during and after games played on our new field.
Brian Weir will be the new commissioner and Mike Lockett will serve in an advisory role. Any decisions regarding policies, rules, suspensions, terminations, etc. will be made by a 7 manager vote. Brian as commissioner will not vote unless one of the other managers is cause for such a vote.
This year there will a minimal, if any at all, tolerance for unsportsmanlike behavior. The 1st offense if blatant enough will result in a 2 game suspension. Any further incidents will be cause for termination as a league member. NO REFUNDS .
Players must wear white or gray baseball pants.
No new players may be added to rosters after July 1 , 2012.
SIgns for the homerun fence at the legion field are available. To date over 30 have been sold and are on display. $500 gets a business or organization a 5x5 sign , including artwork for 2 years. Contact any league member for details. Support the Youth American Legion team!!!!!!!
A very special
Thank You
to our sponsor:
221 South North Point Road
Baltimore, MD 21224-1852