Eastern Baltimore County Over 40 Baseball League


The Eastern Baltimore County Over 40 Baseball League
is a proud member of
The Dundalk-Eastfield Recreation Council

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 American Legion Post 38
        Dundalk, MD 21222
April  7  14  21  28  -  May  5  12  19  26   -  June  2  9  16  23  30  -  July  7  14  21
  Orioles vs. 45's Legion Field
  Royals vs. Athletics Dundalk High
April 7 Tigers vs. Reds Renaissance Park
  Nationals vs. Braves Martindale Park
  D-Backs vs. Brewers Rosedale Park
  D-Backs vs. Tigers Legion Field
  Braves vs. Orioles Dundalk High
April 14 Reds vs. Royals Rosedale Park
  Brewers vs. 45's Martindale Park
  Nationals vs. Athletics Renaissance Park
  Nationals vs. Royals Legion Field
  Reds vs. 45's Dundalk High
April 21 D-Backs vs. Athletics Sparrows Point High
  Braves vs. Tigers Rosedale Park
  Brewers vs. Orioles Martindale Park
  Braves vs. D-Backs Martindale Park
  Royals vs. Orioles Dundalk High
April 28 Athletics vs. Brewers Sparrows Point High
  45's vs. Tigers Legion Field
  Reds vs. Nationals Rosedale Park
  Brewers vs. Braves Legion Field 9:00
  D-Backs vs. Reds Dundalk High 9:00
May 5 Nationals vs. Orioles Dundalk High 12:00
  Athletics vs. 45's
Legion Field 12:00
  Tigers vs. Royals Sparrows Point High
May 12 Mother's Day  No Games
  Royals vs. BSB Nationals Towson High
  Athletics vs. BSB Cardinals Owings Mills High
  D-Backs vs. BSB Rangers Pikesville High
  Tigers vs. BSB Cubs Randallstown High
May 19 BSB White Sox vs. 45's CCBC Dundalk
  BSB Orioles vs. Orioles Legion Field
  BSB Marlins vs. Reds Rosedale Park
  BSB Athletics vs. Braves Sparrows Point High
  Brewers vs. Nationals Martindale Park
  Nationals vs. Brewers CCBC Dundalk
  Tigers vs. Athletics Legion Field
May 26 Reds vs. Braves Dundalk High
  D-Backs vs. Royals Rosedale Park
  45's vs. Orioles Martindale Park
  Braves vs. Nationals Rosedale Park
  Royals vs. 45's Martindale Park
June 2 Brewers vs. D-Backs Sparrows Point High
  Orioles vs. Tigers CCBC Dundalk
  Reds vs. Athletics Legion Field
  Orioles vs. Reds Legion Field 12:00
  Athletics vs. Braves Dundalk High
June 9 45's vs. D-Backs Sparrows Point High 9:00
  Royals vs. Brewers Legion Field 9:00
  Tigers vs. Nationals Sparrows Point High 12:00
  Royals vs. Braves CCBC Dundalk
  Tigers vs. 45's Sparrows Point High
June 16 Athletics vs. Orioles Dundalk High
  D-Backs vs. Nationals Legion Field 12:00
  Brewers vs. Reds Legion Field 9:00
  Tigers vs. Orioles Sparrows Point High
  Athletics vs. Royals Rosedale Park
June 23 Reds vs. D-Backs CCBC Dundalk
  Braves vs. 45's Legion Field
  Brewers vs. Nationals Martindale Park
  45's vs. A's Legion Field
  Orioles vs. D-Backs Martindale Park
June 30 Braves vs. Brewers Sparrows Point High
  Nationals vs. Reds Rosedale Park
  Royals vs. Tigers CCBC Dundalk
  45's vs. Nationals CCBC Dundalk
  Athletics vs. Tigers Rosedale Park
July  Orioles vs. Royals Sparrows Point  High
  D-Backs vs. Braves Martindale Field
  Reds vs. Brewers Legion Field
  Braves vs. Reds Martindale Field
  45's vs. Royals Legion Field
July 21 Nationals vs. D-Backs Rosedale Park
  Orioles vs. Athletics CCBC Dundalk
  Brewers vs. Tigers Sparrows Point  High
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